Annie on the Offense

From the New Times – In the wake of the passage of Prop 102 in Arizona, Phoenix activist Annie Loyd has helped organize several successful demonstrations in reaction to the anti-gay prop.

First, there was a march on November 15 that drew thousands in downtown Phoenix. Then a 1,000-person demo in Glendale, which was initially organized to counter a planned protest by Kansas gay-hater Fred Phelps’ virulently homophobic Westboro Baptist Church but turned into a sort of pro-gay marriage, gay rights love-in when WBC didn’t show. And, finally, a candlelight vigil across from the Mormon Arizona Temple in Mesa, on the night the temple’s popular Christmas light display opened.

“Today is a new day,” Loyd told The Bird recently. “It’s about the people, not the politicians.”

Loyd, who heads a group called Be a H.E.R.O. (H.E.R.O. stands for “Human and Equal Rights Organizer”) and is herself openly gay, kvetched that the “No on 102” message was uninspiring. Prior to November 4, she recalled driving past sign after sign urging voters to vote “yes” on 102 and “for” marriage.

“I have a good friend who said that’s like driving down to the South in Selma, Alabama, 40 years ago, looking at signs that said ‘White only,'” remarked Loyd. “Where’s the outrage?” Read the entire story , , ,

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