Risk To Be Happy

20130113_170941The level of my happiness is contingent upon and related to my sheer willingness to do the happy dance, to celebrate, participate and be excited at opportunities as they present themselves! It is so easy to fall into the trap of the white noise – the day-to-day drumbeat of: life is a challenge; that the world is going to hell; nobody cares; it doesn’t matter anyway; or most people are schmucks.

For years, I rose on Sunday mornings to attend a gathering of people who some i liked, some liked me and others taught me what i didn’t want to be and others i taught what they didn’t want to be! I looked forward to attending that meeting for many many many years. Then i stopped going to that gathering for many years. I could tell you many reasons about why i stopped attending however none of them really matters today – all that really matters is i stopped showing up. Recently, I started going again. The circumstances have shifted a bit however. What has really shifted is me and my attitude. I am showing up because i want to show up and be the individual i believe the universe is calling me to be – to learn the necessary lessons that allow me to do my best in whatever is presented to me. I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, i want the hand of love always to be there. And for that: i believe i am responsible.

I believe i must stretch everyday or risk losing all that i have gained. What i have today goes far beyond any material possession or accumulation of any monetary wealth. What i have today is serenity, peace of mind, a way to live in this noisy world without wanting or needing to get drunk, high, or escape in a manner that is destructive to me or you.

Today — the day christians celebrate the resurrection — can be celebrated as a day of renewal, rebirth, a new slate. Just as the sun rises everyday, so does our opportunity to start anew with a fresh perspective and do the best we can to be the best we can at extending the hand of love, compassion, peace and understanding!

Let’s take the risk to be happy, to find joy and then share that happiness and joy with someone else ~ for isn’t that why we are here on planet earth? To share happiness, love, joy, peace and understanding? !



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6 responses to “Risk To Be Happy

  1. Could it be that I did not know my life was a miracle and a gift. It took a long time, many decades actually, to come to the realization that though the miracle was a gift, and I was the one responsible to open the package. Unfolding every layer and finding what laid under each fold. Learning, growing, laughing, crying until all at once I realized the journey came with form and not formula. I had to invite the true core of who I was to emerge; I discovered I had become the human I wanted to be. The package I received came with layers of happiness. I dared to open and explore. I suspect we all can do this. It is a constant resurrection.

  2. Yes, yes, yes so true I know first hand when I am in alignment with receiving joy and happiness as well as giving joy and happiness there is a flow to life when I am not the flow is interrupted and disjointed. Thank you for continuing to shine your light Annie!

  3. Annie, you are a treasure.

  4. Susan, it takes a treasure to see one! thank you friend!

  5. Marsia, together we could light a stadium + – thanks friend!

  6. Eveline Horelle Dailey, Truly – on this first day of the year – we are fortunate to have the insight about this most miraculous gift of love! Thank you my dear! You are a light for all who have the honor and opportunity to experience your wisdom and love.

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