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To Mother Earth ~

Get a glass of clean water, hold it close to your hearts and offer a prayer. Through the Water, send a message of love and gratitude to the Earth, and to all water of the Earth that has been affected and contaminated. Send your love to the Water and to Mother Earth.

This strong love of Spirit that you will put into the Water will give strength to Mother Earth.

Go to your nearest body of Water – a creek, a stream, a river, a waterfall, lake or ocean, and pour your Water that you have blessed with your prayer of gratitude. It will be your spirit of love to the Earth that offers our best chance of survival. 

Enjoy the short video –

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In the words of Guru Fern Stewart Welch ~

Fern Stewart Welch

Creating a Better World that Works for All of Us Begins With You and Me

Throughout our daily lives, we may experience losses and disappointments of every shape, size and variety.  We could become jobless, homeless, change jobs, move, divorce, become ill or lose our dream, self- esteem or independence, and the list goes on.It is no wonder that in addition to all the serious national and global uncertainties we have been living through that many of us also share unresolved feelings of anger, concern and helplessness. Our collective consciousness must be like a tightly-wound coil of fight-or-flight adrenalin, with a heaping helping of depression, and this is definitely a potentially destructive situation that needs to be resolved now.This unhealthy condition is the biggest block to creating a world that values every human being, and reflects the fact that we are one with everyone and everything on Earth. Read the full reflection.

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