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i have faith

I have faith – notImage as defined as a belief that is not based on proof but as a confidence based on some degree of warrant, justification, a guarantee. i have positive assurance that when i remain present to the moments in my day the experiences of life reveal a path filled with solutions, filled with answers to the challenges i will face.

I have come to rely upon my intuition. i didn’t always. For many years i was deluged with unrelenting fears. I was fearful about what you thought of me. I wanted you to like me. I wanted to be successful. I walked through the world at moments believing i was on top of the world and the next moment feeling like an ant that had been run over by a bulldozer.

Over the years through developing some discipline through different forms of daily practice i have come to experience life very differently. My first response is rarely to get angry – although it can still happen at times! My primary coping skill is not found in a bottle tall, short, fat or skinny! My next coping skill is not to take off to the high country and stay away for long periods of time, although I have to say that remains an appealing dream solution at times!

My first response usually is to take a deep breath in – deep breath out and remember it will all be okay – AND if I am not feeling as though it is okay in this moment, to remember this feeling will pass and if it is not okay this particular journey is not yet done!

This little practice comes from years of experience, that experience provided me with the best training and education of my life. These experiences in my life have provided me with the security, the guarantee – The experiences ground my faith!

So as i traverse this latest phase of my current journey – i have faith that i will learn new lessons. That some of my rough edges will be smoothed out.

thanks for traveling this journey with me, annie loyd

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good friday – to you!

Pactola-Damgood friday – to you all!

the cross we each bare differs from individual to individual and culture to culture.

my friend shared this with me moments ago,

Tomorrow, our Sun shifts from Aries (Easter) to Taurus (Buddha). Pondering this, the thought comes of how the Christ and the Buddha are brothers.

The Buddha, it seems, held the intention of making it clear to us how our modern world is based upon false values (causing much pain and suffering) and his brother, the Christ, it seems, held the intention of wanting to show us, demonstrating for us, how to give life a meaning and a value. These two brothers agreed that it is only through humanity, itself, that it can be worked out. The astrological energies available to us these days incline us to more fully recognize and to take to heart in restoring the “work out”.

within each of us is this ability to create, to inspire, to innovate equally within each of us is the ability to destroy, to judge, to squash opportunity. Uniquely to human beings is the ability to choose.

i choose to build

i choose to love

i choose to be of service

i choose to inspire

i choose to be!

what choices are you making today? – this period of time – is an opportunity to recognize how we can be a light of joy, compassion, innovation and inspiration in the lives of our loved ones, community members and beyond! In return, as a direct result of the actions we choose to take – i guarantee you and i will experience a shift in our perspective and feel a release of suffering and increased happiness!

I have had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with my mom who has needed some help from her daughter, here is a brief window into that experience this morning:

as i go through this process

my mornings have been greeted with the songs of birds

sometimes the morning doves, sometimes robins

the songs sound happy, light and cheerful

throughout the day their songs bring a joyful interruption

a smile glides across my face at the sound of their melodic expressions

my shoulders relax- for the moment it’s all okay . . .

during this phase – i am reminded – daily – the importance of love, compassion, kindness

for what is needed money cannot buy,

no medication, no quick fix

this process is about love, kind, quiet, powerful, understanding – love

my heart fills with gratitude, deep appreciation for dear friends

unexpected phone calls

the kindness of “strangers”

our elders give us an education we cannot find in a book

the experience of walking through a process is priceless

good friday to you, annie loyd

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Happy Gay Pride Phoenix –

On this grand and glorious day of celebration, I seek to help us remember how far we have come and not lose sight of how we have accomplished getting to where we are!

I’m moved to make this request because, in the last 24 hours, a conversation took place on FB that involved language that I felt was violent. A LGBTQ activist used the terms “racist,” “charlatan” and “bigot” to describe a community leader. I felt frustrated and saddened because for decades the Gay community has been a leader in creating cultures of peace and understanding in the midst of exceptional anger and fear.

We — the LGBTQ community — are the happy people! Using violent language and judging another individual doesn’t embrace the values of Gay Pride. Judgmental, violent language isolates and backs people into corners, forcing people to become entrenched in defending their positions. Our need for equality doesn’t get met. When we use violent language we are hurting others and, in turn, hurting ourselves. Gay Pride – to me, is making a connection – a heart-to-heart connection. It’s all about the love!

I too feel angry, frustrated and concerned when people espouse points of view that are in direct conflict with my set of values. I feel absolutely compelled to act decisively and quickly when I discover a teenager has been thrown out of his or her house or after learning someone has been beaten to death or someone has been shot. I have a need to make a difference and i am so tired of the violence. Can you relate? Today the path i choose is peace.

I want marriage equality. I want equality and justice for all. I want us all to be safe. I want our kids to grow up in loving and life-enriching environments at home, at school, in the neighborhoods they play, the movie theaters they attend and the places they buy their blue jeans and ipods. It is my belief you want this too. Are you willing to choose peace?

If ending violence means having to change how I speak, or finding a path to compassion and empathy for others with whom I don’t agree – I will do that and I will practice doing it minute-by-minute, day-by-day, as the weeks turn into months and months into years until I can be the change I want to see in the world. What steps are you taking to end violence and creating a culture of peace?

I’ve evolved. I’m not the individual I was three months ago, three or 30 years ago. My evolution has sometimes been quick and sometimes not. Day-by-day, I am learning to treat others in a manner in which I wish to be treated. Will you stand with me and open the doors of opportunity for others to walk through as new and evolved individuals?

As an active member of the Gay Community I’ve watched us be angry, hurt and sad and yet have the capacity to rise with grace and dignity and respond with love, peace and understanding. On this weekend, let’s recommit to being examples of a community of peace in the midst of exceptional violence. Let’s be the models of the change we wish to see in the world. Let’s make a choice to use language that connects with people’s hearts. Are you willing to be the change you wish to see in the world? Are you willing to choose peace?

Long Live our Legacy of Creating a Culture of Peace and Understanding.


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A Culture of Peace is Alive and Prospering

SunriseWe started our second class of Nonviolent | Compassionate Communication Classes yesterday and our third group will start tomorrow! Immersing myself in this training has shifted how I view the world and myself in the world. I read differently. I hear the news differently! I feel more free than I ever have! What a joy to have a “life enriching” journey of exploration.

The Quakers say, “Let your life speak.”

Gaining the sight to connect the dots of how, where, when, why hearts are opening is like finding a new pair of glasses! It takes time, many, many attempts of trying them on to see if they fit and being willing to see it through to the end and then realizing within a particular amount of time it is again time for a new pair of glasses – again. Embodying the principles of nonviolent | compassionate communication has been that new pair of glasses for me! A new filter, if you will.

Two stories on NPR caught my attention this week and alerted my senses to affirm . . . the Culture of Peace is Alive and Prospering!

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Risk To Be Happy

20130113_170941The level of my happiness is contingent upon and related to my sheer willingness to do the happy dance, to celebrate, participate and be excited at opportunities as they present themselves! It is so easy to fall into the trap of the white noise – the day-to-day drumbeat of: life is a challenge; that the world is going to hell; nobody cares; it doesn’t matter anyway; or most people are schmucks.

For years, I rose on Sunday mornings to attend a gathering of people who some i liked, some liked me and others taught me what i didn’t want to be and others i taught what they didn’t want to be! I looked forward to attending that meeting for many many many years. Then i stopped going to that gathering for many years. I could tell you many reasons about why i stopped attending however none of them really matters today – all Continue reading


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Life, Liberty and Freedom

peace is not the absence of conflict it is a path to creating a world that elevates the human condition – a culture that values life, liberty and freedom must place equality for all at the forefront – for the failure to do so infringes upon life, liberty and freedom – annie

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Self – Determination

Self-determination in you is like the tree growing out of the rock.

Self-determination in you is like the tree growing out of the rock.

We joined together as a community to greet the new moon last night – the 3rd moon “Weighs the Truth” as articulated by Jamie Sams author of The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers.  The evening was a powerful swirling of energy, filled with excitement, emotion, anticipation and individuals doing what they needed to do to elevate the human condition!

During this powerful moon cycle, we have the opportunity to “find the ability to [be,] how to be self-determined. How to feed the positive, not the negative.” How to accept the truth.

Learning about the notion of self determination is most important to growing our ability to “respond to all sides of life.” Finding the truth of what brings us joy, what conditions bring us a sense of freedom, choice and happiness. It is our path of learning to rise above societal and familial expectations and take responsibility for our journey called life. Our well-being is our responsibility. Our well being, in relationship with others, is our responsibility.

We are learning to accept the “truth inside us as well as accepting the truth of the experiences we encounter in life.”

Self-determination as a term is very difficult to describe in this current culture for there are limited analogous examples.

Self- determination requires great commitment to knowing oneself, knowing who we are, why we respond in the manner we do to particular actions, experiences, or peoples’ behaviors. It is important to know our strengths and then be able to recognize strengths in another.

I discovered this more than 20 years ago – back then it felt as though the world wasn’t fair. I felt trapped. I had no concept of being radically free to choose. When i learned how to let go of the past, find forgiveness, and understand that, based on my behavior and attitude, i was creating the reality before me – i found freedom! As a group of friends say, “a new sense of freedom and happiness.”

When i learned what to do when i was acting in a manner that was not beneficial to me or those around me, i discovered how to live the dreams i had, not the dreams of others, or to live a life i thought others believed i should be living! My life took a radical turn.

Today, the self-determination is thought of as a noun and is often used in reference to native people and or countries. For me, self-determination is a verb – it is a beingness – i desire to live in in an environment surrounded with examples of the human condition flourishing. For that to be possible, i must exemplify that which i am seeking both internally and externally.

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