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Self – Determination

Self-determination in you is like the tree growing out of the rock.

Self-determination in you is like the tree growing out of the rock.

We joined together as a community to greet the new moon last night – the 3rd moon “Weighs the Truth” as articulated by Jamie Sams author of The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers.  The evening was a powerful swirling of energy, filled with excitement, emotion, anticipation and individuals doing what they needed to do to elevate the human condition!

During this powerful moon cycle, we have the opportunity to “find the ability to [be,] how to be self-determined. How to feed the positive, not the negative.” How to accept the truth.

Learning about the notion of self determination is most important to growing our ability to “respond to all sides of life.” Finding the truth of what brings us joy, what conditions bring us a sense of freedom, choice and happiness. It is our path of learning to rise above societal and familial expectations and take responsibility for our journey called life. Our well-being is our responsibility. Our well being, in relationship with others, is our responsibility.

We are learning to accept the “truth inside us as well as accepting the truth of the experiences we encounter in life.”

Self-determination as a term is very difficult to describe in this current culture for there are limited analogous examples.

Self- determination requires great commitment to knowing oneself, knowing who we are, why we respond in the manner we do to particular actions, experiences, or peoples’ behaviors. It is important to know our strengths and then be able to recognize strengths in another.

I discovered this more than 20 years ago – back then it felt as though the world wasn’t fair. I felt trapped. I had no concept of being radically free to choose. When i learned how to let go of the past, find forgiveness, and understand that, based on my behavior and attitude, i was creating the reality before me – i found freedom! As a group of friends say, “a new sense of freedom and happiness.”

When i learned what to do when i was acting in a manner that was not beneficial to me or those around me, i discovered how to live the dreams i had, not the dreams of others, or to live a life i thought others believed i should be living! My life took a radical turn.

Today, the self-determination is thought of as a noun and is often used in reference to native people and or countries. For me, self-determination is a verb – it is a beingness – i desire to live in in an environment surrounded with examples of the human condition flourishing. For that to be possible, i must exemplify that which i am seeking both internally and externally.

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