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A Culture of Peace is Alive and Prospering

SunriseWe started our second class of Nonviolent | Compassionate Communication Classes yesterday and our third group will start tomorrow! Immersing myself in this training has shifted how I view the world and myself in the world. I read differently. I hear the news differently! I feel more free than I ever have! What a joy to have a “life enriching” journey of exploration.

The Quakers say, “Let your life speak.”

Gaining the sight to connect the dots of how, where, when, why hearts are opening is like finding a new pair of glasses! It takes time, many, many attempts of trying them on to see if they fit and being willing to see it through to the end and then realizing within a particular amount of time it is again time for a new pair of glasses – again. Embodying the principles of nonviolent | compassionate communication has been that new pair of glasses for me! A new filter, if you will.

Two stories on NPR caught my attention this week and alerted my senses to affirm . . . the Culture of Peace is Alive and Prospering!

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I Feel Very Strongly About The Issue Of Same Sex Marriage Because I Have A Gay Son

COMMENTARY • Opinion • ISSUE 49•13 • Mar 26, 2013

By God

One of the most divisive issues out there right now is the debate over whether or not gays should be allowed to marry. It is obviously an extremely sensitive topic, and I certainly can understand at least some of the reservations that opponents of gay marriage have to the idea, especially from a legal standpoint. However, as someone with a personal connection to this issue, I feel a need to speak out in favor of it, and to reaffirm my belief that gay marriage is a fundamental moral right.

You see, I am a parent of a gay child. My son, who is now an adult, the rest of the story

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Life, Liberty and Freedom

peace is not the absence of conflict it is a path to creating a world that elevates the human condition – a culture that values life, liberty and freedom must place equality for all at the forefront – for the failure to do so infringes upon life, liberty and freedom – annie

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Bible Bullies

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.
And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.
Dalai Lama


Unraveling the internal and intellectual knots and snarls from last week’s Phoenix City Council meeting has been an extended process that finds me straddled between the millennia. Why, in 2013, are we having a five-hour public debate regarding who is or is not a human being deserving of legal equanimity?

Why, why, why – why do I feel I just went 10 rounds with Hilary Swank?

Instead, why aren’t we having a public discussion about dissolving the brown cloud of smog hanging over our city, addressing the violence to which our children are subjected or eradicating the genetically modified organisms that are being substituted in our food?

Last Tuesday we sat for six hours in a city council meeting in the sixth largest city in the United States: Phoenix, AZ. The topic, an ordinance adding protections for gay, transgendered and Continue reading

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Hospital Visitation for Domestic Partners

by Scott Wong – Dec. 17, 2008 05:30 PM
The Arizona Republic

Phoenix will become the second city in Arizona to offer its residents a program that grants hospital-visitation rights to all domestic partners. Continue reading

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December 10th 60th Anniversary Universal Declarartion of Human Rights

Today commemorates the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We are at a unique crossroad in history in the United States. On November 4th we elected the first African American/Black man to be President of the United States of America.

We have before us an opportunity to make a choice everyday. We have a choice to decide what we place the highest value on. For me I choose LIFE. I chose a healthy life. To achieve that I work for human, civil, equal rights for all people – to achieve that goal I work for social justice.

I awake in the morning bring a smile to my face and Stand Up – Step Out and make a choice to speak out knowing that in me expressing my strong beliefs others will be encouraged to do the same!

Unjust laws are unjust laws. The the same oppressive power structures that demoralize and dehumanize immigrant workers, women, insist on going to war and work to destroy public education are the same oppressive powers working to oppress people because of their sexual orientation/gender identity.

It is time for us all to Stand Up – Step Out – United together to say enough is enough I stand for Human, Equal, Civil Rights for All.

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