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good friday – to you!

Pactola-Damgood friday – to you all!

the cross we each bare differs from individual to individual and culture to culture.

my friend shared this with me moments ago,

Tomorrow, our Sun shifts from Aries (Easter) to Taurus (Buddha). Pondering this, the thought comes of how the Christ and the Buddha are brothers.

The Buddha, it seems, held the intention of making it clear to us how our modern world is based upon false values (causing much pain and suffering) and his brother, the Christ, it seems, held the intention of wanting to show us, demonstrating for us, how to give life a meaning and a value. These two brothers agreed that it is only through humanity, itself, that it can be worked out. The astrological energies available to us these days incline us to more fully recognize and to take to heart in restoring the “work out”.

within each of us is this ability to create, to inspire, to innovate equally within each of us is the ability to destroy, to judge, to squash opportunity. Uniquely to human beings is the ability to choose.

i choose to build

i choose to love

i choose to be of service

i choose to inspire

i choose to be!

what choices are you making today? – this period of time – is an opportunity to recognize how we can be a light of joy, compassion, innovation and inspiration in the lives of our loved ones, community members and beyond! In return, as a direct result of the actions we choose to take – i guarantee you and i will experience a shift in our perspective and feel a release of suffering and increased happiness!

I have had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with my mom who has needed some help from her daughter, here is a brief window into that experience this morning:

as i go through this process

my mornings have been greeted with the songs of birds

sometimes the morning doves, sometimes robins

the songs sound happy, light and cheerful

throughout the day their songs bring a joyful interruption

a smile glides across my face at the sound of their melodic expressions

my shoulders relax- for the moment it’s all okay . . .

during this phase – i am reminded – daily – the importance of love, compassion, kindness

for what is needed money cannot buy,

no medication, no quick fix

this process is about love, kind, quiet, powerful, understanding – love

my heart fills with gratitude, deep appreciation for dear friends

unexpected phone calls

the kindness of “strangers”

our elders give us an education we cannot find in a book

the experience of walking through a process is priceless

good friday to you, annie loyd

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You have a profound judgement about me that I do not share about you!

the lesson of the day: i have a friend, a dear friend whom I have traveled this journey of life with for nearly four decades – in the light of the overturn of DOMA she has expressed an intense perspective about how the Bible supports the judgement of people who are have a different world view then her perspective.

What I love about my friend is her beautiful heart – the depth of her desire to be of service in the world. I have witnessed this in so many friends who are held in captivity by the pronunciations of damnation and judgement, by the limitations of living in fear. Their exceptional desire for all to be “saved” is born out of their desire – their sacred calling, their need for sacred purpose. I get it and I honor this in them.

I am fully present to the immeasurable amount of fear so many are living in today. Western society exploits this fear, feeds this fear. The greatest challenge to living a fully liberated life is contingent upon the extent of our willingness to embrace our capacity for love and acceptance. Our flexibility for change.

It has been said that once the pain of not making the change becomes greater then the fear of changing we will make the change. Okay, that has been true in my life AND what is more prevalent today is that when i willingly seek to go deeper in my realized journey of life on planet earth – to use love as the powerful force of walking through fear i come to a greater understanding of me and of you and the world. And, frankly i don’t have near the amount of bruises!

My response to her and others i am encountering along the journey: “Obviously you have a profound judgement about me that I do not share about you – i choose to stay with you on this journey, for someday, you will have an experience that will bring you to a place that will rocket you into such a profound change in your life – when that happens i want you to know – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that i have a deep and profound love for you and your journey of being released from such crippling fear, your journey to freedom – may peace be with you my friend

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