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December 10th 60th Anniversary Universal Declarartion of Human Rights

Today commemorates the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We are at a unique crossroad in history in the United States. On November 4th we elected the first African American/Black man to be President of the United States of America.

We have before us an opportunity to make a choice everyday. We have a choice to decide what we place the highest value on. For me I choose LIFE. I chose a healthy life. To achieve that I work for human, civil, equal rights for all people – to achieve that goal I work for social justice.

I awake in the morning bring a smile to my face and Stand Up – Step Out and make a choice to speak out knowing that in me expressing my strong beliefs others will be encouraged to do the same!

Unjust laws are unjust laws. The the same oppressive power structures that demoralize and dehumanize immigrant workers, women, insist on going to war and work to destroy public education are the same oppressive powers working to oppress people because of their sexual orientation/gender identity.

It is time for us all to Stand Up – Step Out – United together to say enough is enough I stand for Human, Equal, Civil Rights for All.

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